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<br /> These units resemble bigger versions of this portable saw variety but with a few substantial improvements. Although typically mounted on a stand with wheels, these components are not mobile and are limited to rolling round the shop in the slightest. Weighing in most cases over 250 pounds they are not mobile. The majority of their weight is in the motor and table . Bigger motors around 3 horsepower and bigger cast iron tables provide bigger cutting capabilities. Well designed cutting guides with reduced tolerance levels offers a great deal more accurate cutting too. Most builder saws work on 220 volts and utilize a belt driven motor system. Starts and stops are quieter and smoother and should later if you wish to grow the size of the engine or replace a burnt from one, the approach is simple and simple. Most builder saws also have pig saw driven blade tilt methods that are more accurate and less likely to snore due to sawdust buildup. One drawback of contractor saws is the spacious cupboard layout, similar to the portable saw. This creates dust collection difficult to restrain. Regardless of this drawback, contractor saws provide many fantastic features for the intermediate woodworker. Even as your ability levels grow, builder saws can give you many years of dependable support.
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